© Oma Dok (Gail Doktor) 2022

On the other side of this transit,
Beyond this jump,
Where will I be?
What coordinates will guide me?
By what map shall I find my Way?
What sextant, what astrolabe,
Can measure my going and coming?
What instrument can chart my location,
In this place between departure and arrival?

My teacher would ask,
Did you ever leave?
My mentor would wonder,
Can you ever arrive?
Such questions I cannot yet answer.

So I inquire, too,
Are we always moving,
Ever on a journey,
Without beginning or ending?

Will I discover my path
With the astrolabe or sextant of ancient mariners?
Will the next planet’s gravity
Orient me to up and down?
Will the turn of the great station’s wheel
Give me sure footing?
Will the ship’s drive offer me
Temporal weight and certain heading?
Will my sojourner’s compass
Find true north in new magnetic currents?
Will a nav computer
Plot the course between
Where I have been and
Whom I might yet become?
Will the solar winds
Fill my sails and
Turn my prow in a meaningful course?

It seems
All the astromech pilots
And ancient tools
Cannot answer me.

My only sure guide,
From system to system,
From passage to Passage,
Is the Flow within
Is the Force between
All worlds
All hearts
All souls
All beings
All life